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We hold 10 years of experience in offering solutions to every office requirements

We realize the value of your dream. Be it starting your new office or expanding to a new location, arranging everything single-handedly can be a bit tricky. This is where we help you address all your requirements with ease. From the documentation, stationery to branding, we assist you in every possible step to get the job done conveniently and seamlessly.

Our group of companies include –


Whatever be your domain, we promise to lend our helping hands to facilitate your dream and bring it to reality

All Kinds Of IT Service

Solutions To All Corporate Needs

Association With Leading Agencies

Global Support

We Have A Global Network Of Clients

Irrespective of the domain and location, we help you facilitate your office set-up, documentation, branding and more. We realize that taking care of everything at once can get a bit tricky. In association with BUSFAM and Webicorp, we help you deal with all your requirements seamlessly.

We Are Your Partner In Shaping Up Your Goals

Shaping up your dreams can be difficult, but not anymore. With Riqueza Consultancy Pvt Ltd you can now build your dream working space and take your career to the heights of success. Ease the documentation process, make setting up your workstation convenient and promote your brand with us.

There is nothing wrong with dreaming. And nothing unfair in shaping up your dream. You just need the right time and the right tools.