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Accounting Support / Monthly

Accounting Support / Monthly

Starting just @ ₹5000

Book Tally:

Keeping a track of financial transactions can be challenging if you have other things to cater to. However, book tally is of paramount importance if you want to understand your investment Vs your profit ratio. Leave it on us and we shall help you keep a strong and organised record that you can refer to as and required to understand how your business is performing financially.

GST Update Submission:

Keeping your GST submission updated and filing GST returns is essential to avoid taxation issues and legal hassles. Keep your GST submission updated on time and do away with legal troubles. We promise to keep a record of everything so that you do not have to bear any troubles in the near future.

PF & ESI Submission:

PF & ESI Submission is a form that is filed by an employee when he joins a firm. This document needs to be submitted to begin with the ESI and PF contributions. Get in touch with us and we shall help you with all the documentation process to help you and your employees secure their health and future.


Keeping an account of the Professional Tax deducted from the employees is paramount. This document helps at the time of Income Tax Returns for you and your employees as well. Get in touch with us for such accounting support so that you can run your firm smoothly.

Payroll Management:

Managing your employees’ salary can be challenging if you are new to the field or have a big team. We, in association with the leading organizations will help you manage your payroll effectively, so that you can concentrate on building your brand while your employees receive their salary on time.

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